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No-Brainer's News

Posted by No-Brainer - March 13th, 2014

It's been a long time coming, and the animations I've done have finally paid off.

I'm finally part of Frederator Channel.

Just wanted to tell you that. I'm super excited!


Posted by No-Brainer - February 13th, 2014

I would like to thank http://mait192.newgrounds.com/ (mait192) for scouting me in the Art Portal! Thanks mate!

Posted by No-Brainer - January 21st, 2014

I am EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED with how it turned out here. I put in a lot of work with this cartoon, and only to get out-voted and under-appreciated once again. I feel like my work, no matter what I do, always gets missed here. 


I will be uploading whatever I make next here, and if it goes un-noticed or under-appreiciated, then i'm gonna have to stop using Newgrounds because obviously the system doesn't like me.

If it sounds like I'm mad, it's because I'm extremely pissed.


Posted by No-Brainer - January 14th, 2014

I'm really happy to say No-Brainer Episode 6 - Atlantis (Part 1) has been finished. It actually didn't take that long to make, and put a lot more into the animation of it then previous episodes. The response has been great on it so far, so if you're reading this and you liked the video, please tell me your thoughts!

I have been itching to get this thing done since I started school, which was around July. Speaking of school, I have some news about that.

I'm dropping out.

Reason? I have just realized this is a terrible school. It's being sued by the department of justice for $11 Billion for hiring bounty hunters to get low income students to apply. For every kid that signed up, they received $1000. Also their animation program sucks. I haven't learned anything the entire time I've been here, so I'm not really invested in it anymore. Plus the school (i've been told) is going to be shut down anyways, so why not back out now while I still can do something. I do plan on applying for another school, but in the future. Right now, i'd kinda like to see where I can go on my own! I have a house lined up with friends so it's gonna be another Oney Stamper PsychicPebbles deal :)

I'd also like to share some upcoming project plans with you!

Rick and Morty Parody:

I have been loving this show so far, that I thought I'd sorta break out from my regular style, and do something rather odd, and make a parody of Rick and Morty, which is turning into one of my favorite shows. I have a few jokes lined up for it, so it's looking good so far. Still scripting it, so we'll see what happens.

NB6 - Part 2

As I had stated over on YouTube and on my Facebook page, Production will start sometime near the end of January (1/25/14 to be exact). Nothing to really report on here. Part 2 will continue the story of Part 1 and answer a lot of questions that Part 1 didn't exactly cover (Bad script writing my bad).

No-Brainer 7

My body gets the chills just saying No-Brainer 7. However, No-Brainer episodes won't be referred as Episode numbers anymore after NB6 Part 2. I don't want to give out too much, but the theme for this episode is Zombies. I would expect this one around September.

No-Brainer RPG

Shut your fucking mouth. I know what you're gonna say, and don't say it. I know we all know I haven't made a single game that I announced before, but I'm taking it slow and concepting it out before giving Evan the thumbs up that we're totally doing this. This is an idea that's currently being concepted (as I just fucking said) to make sure this is something I'd want to dive into before starting production.


Well that's about it for now! Check back every so often for posts on how things are going! Catch ya later, and don't forget to watch No-Brainer Ep6 - Atlantis (Part 1)!!

Posted by No-Brainer - December 3rd, 2013

So there are two things in the pipeline right now:


-NB Christmas Special

These things should be out around January, and don't plan to have any delays (as of now). NB6 should be ready for release as of Janaury 10th. If that goal is not met, well, crap.

The Christmas Special is being animated by someone else currently, but we aim to finish that around either ON Christmas or sometime around christmas.

Things should be out really soon! :)


Posted by No-Brainer - October 30th, 2013

Hey there. Sooooo cartoons. Yeah, doesn't look good for me right now. I happen to be working with the worlds WORST schedule right now. If you guys really want to see more No-Brainer cartoons, I would highly recommend throwing me like 2-3 bucks.

I'm constantly working, and I never have time to myself anymore. If you guys want to see cartoons come out at all, I seriously need some support. I have been trying, and will still try to make cartoons, but I'm asking for you guys to help me out.

Patreon (for those of you who don't know) is basically a tip-jar. Throw 2-3 bucks to me, and when I make a cartoon, THEN you get charged. More is explained in the video. You can even get rewards for how much you pledge. There are also goals we can meet, which eventually lead up to me quitting my job to make cartoons full-time.

Hope you consider donating!


Posted by No-Brainer - June 26th, 2013

Hey there. Sorry I haven't made a post in a while. I'm getting pretty set for college, while working on the brand-spankin' new NO-BRAINER EPISODE 6. This one is about Atlantis, and I hope it ships out as soon as possible.

Not much to talk about. I really keep my business and main stuff over on YouTube now. Like I said before, Newgrounds is kinda just not my place anymore. After 6 years and not accomplishing much, and having about 5 episodes out, you'd think I'd have some following. NEGATIVE. I will keep posting videos here, as well as over on YouTube.

Somethings you may have:

ICON SET #1 It has 7 No-Brainer icons, as well as 2 special ones.

Also a Wallpaper at the bottom. Enjoy.

EDIT: fuck the image uploader isn't working. It's in the Art Section, take a look.

Posted by No-Brainer - April 14th, 2013

When I posted No-Brainer: Baby Alien, I was expecting something everyone would like, and something that had zero to no flaws in a cartoon. I was dead wrong.

People, I make these cartoons in hopes that I can maybe go on to make bigger things that I know I can rely on to support me one day, because I love what I do. When it's sort of smashed by the people of newgrounds and the number of views I get on Youtube, I know it's nothing personal, but I have been here on the internet long enough to think I deserve some credit. I like to believe I make funny content, and if not, I can always take a turn to games. I've said this before, but now i'm majorly competing that though with "Either I do Games, or Comics.." and I really mean it.

Animation is fun, when you're not controlled by anyone to do something specific. But even in those conditions, it can still be a fun process. However, I only feel proud of the work if others enjoy it as well. Newgrounds doesn't have that "feel at home" distinction for my animations anymore. I'm contemplating the idea of leaving the Animation business at YouTube, but hopefully staying here for the games.

Hopefully I hope you fans who aren't subscribed to me on YouTube will take heed to me over there. Because after typing this, I kinda made up my mind. Posting animations here, only hoping to get into Top 5 to then come out with crushed dreams, and realize that Top 10 was even out of reach for this shows the voting here is kinda fucked up. I don't mean to hate on newgrounds but to compete with Games as well as other Animations as beyond retarded.

You can see new things coming to YouTube soon, and maybe a game or two here. Sorry Newgrounds, it's been fun, but my animating days on Newgrounds are dead.

Fan-Art by EthanAlways


Posted by No-Brainer - February 28th, 2013

Hey there! I'm still alive in case you were wondering.

So yeah, been working on this cartoon, but not a lot as you can tell, otherwise it'd been done by now! School has gotten into it's 3 quarter now, and it's a new semester. I decided to turn myself around with homework and actually stay up to date. Going from C's and D's to A's and B's is pretty tough, but I managed.

Also in case you're wondering what the motivation was behind that, I was recently accepted into The Art Institutes of International Minneapolis. Hopefully there I will learn a lot about animation. Should be fun! Now I just need to graduate High-School and get the hell out of Wisconsin! I will miss the people here, but I got a bright future ahead of me!


I'm starting a new project RIGHT AWAY after the No-Brainer Short. I will be working on a Webcomic called WORLDBOUND. Yeah, it sounds like those projects REALMS and the other comic I did. But I feel like I can do this one if I keep focused. The Main goal of this project is to publish all the panels, free to view, on ComicFury for everyone to view! If people want to support me, I will be making books of the comic! All to be sold around $30 each. They're about 100-150 pages long with multiple panels on some pages, so it makes up. I hope you consider checking out the comic when it's being made :)

Well that's it for now. Still making the cartoon, but again, I'm horrible at setting dates for myself and actually being on time because of school. Hopefully in March it's done. I really don't see it taking longer than that.

Till next time guys!

Missed Date, woops

Posted by No-Brainer - February 5th, 2013

Sorry that I've been quite over here. We're making the new No-Brainer short, but we've kinda had to put it off for a bit. It's for a good reason, and that's so I can just focus on school. Yeah, it's always school that seems to be the reason I can't animate anymore.

I'm really trying my hardest to get to the point in school where I don't really need to be super concerned about grades and what not. It's my Senior Year and Semester 2, so I need to be busting ass on whatever. I promise we'll have the cartoon sometime in February just like I said. Just don't worry, everything is under control, but please be understanding that we are still in High-School, and we have bigger responsibilities JUST THIS SECOND. We promise to make time for you and the animation very soon!

BTW: I'm saying we because i'm working with more people now to make the cartoons, and I feel it's appropriate to say so.

February Release