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Evercon is Coming!!

2012-12-21 01:33:30 by No-Brainer

Hey all!

So BIG UPDATE HERE! Evercon, a local convention here in Schofield, WI, is happening on January 11th - 12th, and i'm attending as a Special Guest. I'm somewhat known around here as the "animator dude" so yeah of course i'd be there. I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO COME IF YOU'RE AROUND THESE PARTS OF TOWN!!

I will be having my own table where I sell Signed Sketches for $5 and Posters for $7. I will also be having a Panel at 5:00pm on Saturday the 12th of January.


So NB5, yeah. I'll just basically sum that up for you. 7150 Frame (about). And it's almost 5 mintues long. Just hang in there, i'm rushing it now because it's just fucking taking forever now.

I WILL have to cut into NB5 Progress and start making something else for Evercon. That's all happening over everyones Winter Break. Wish me luck on that!!

Evercon is Coming!!

Animation and Comic Book!!

2012-12-01 21:19:42 by No-Brainer

No-Brainer Episode 5 is still in progress, and that's not the only project I have in-production!!

Let's talk about the things that matter to Newgrounds first. No-Brainer Episode 5 is up to over 6000 frames of animation, and god damnit is it a joy seeing this thing get to be so long. I have been working on it for 3 hours a day for the past week, and it's a lot of work but it's worth it. I'm putting in more Frame-by-Frame animation into this one. Though I may cheat and tween if I want to rush a part or two. You should able to see the cartoon very soon, maybe around January, Late December is you're lucky.

The Comic Book I mentioned is being developed for a convention I plan to attend as a special guest here locally. It's in Wisconsin, and it's called Evercon. I urge you to come and check me out if you're around these parts of town. The comic book is going to have 20 pages of exciting information on the series, special activities, and comics (of course) !! From what I've read from the publishers, it will cost about $10 to produce them each, so they'll be priced around $15 each! NOT BAD EH??

So yeah in short, working on the cartoon PLUS a new comic book you can buy from me soon. Ok, goodnight.

Animation and Comic Book!!

Yeahh I know what you're thinking..

Ok so yeah i've decided to get back into animating. Games just weren't my thing, i've been interested in them, but I think I just realized over time that making games just wasn't me, it's not what I was meant to do. I've had a Sinus Infection for the past week, and have missed a lot of school, and I've had a lot of time to myself to draw and do other things, and during that time I took a brief moment to think to myself. I thought, "What happened to No-Brainer? Do I still have any fans who aren't just fans of the Game Grumps stuff on Youtube?" and sadly I said to myself: "I don't even know."

I watched my older cartoons, and kinda got motivated to re-amp my cartoons back up for work. So I did just that.

I also noticed an animator named Jae who is for some reason inspiring me to get back into the swing of things. I guess it's his whole thing of starting small then rising to the top. I have potential, people do keep telling me that, but I never take it seriously.

Hopefully, I can get NB5 out to you guys very soon. I won't bullshit you again.

No-Brainer 5: Racing *COMING SOON AGAIN*


2012-11-05 20:46:03 by No-Brainer

My brain is fried with everything that has been going on.

I've been trying my hardest to get by for first quarter in my senior year. With that being said, i've rarely had enough brain power to focus on doing anything in Flash. But thank god the quarter ends tomorrow, so now I can relax and focus on stuff I want to do for a bit.

Remember Todd from No-Brainer? He and I are going to take a shot at making a small game together. It's a regular old platformer, but in this game, you can control both characters No-Brainer and Todd! It's a team work game, so you need to use both characters to achieve the goal of the level and move on.

Evan (todd) is a pretty good AS2 or AS3 programmer, so hopefully we can dish out something rad. It's going to be small though. Hopefully 30 levels, and a boss fight at the end.

So look forward to that!


Our game wasn't finished in time for us to compete. Jazza would've won any way, but who cares, I was mainly making a game to just get into making games. I really seem to like the idea that we have going on here. It's like a zombie survival, but then mixed with some elements of tower defense. I won't give out too much.

I really hope to turn gaming from a passion into a career. If that's so, then (Incoming sad part for NB fans) don't expect No-Brainer Episodes to be happening anytime soon. It was fun for a while when I actually dreamed of making awesome cartoons for everyone to watch! Now that that has (kinda) happened and I've felt what it's like to make animations and stuff, it didn't feel like it was quite enough. I didn't feel like it was a proper way or a way I actually wanted to express myself. Making games can make a person feel so much, because they have to play through and actually go through certain things, witness things when they do something, it's all about immersion basically. I want people to feel immersed in the stuff I make, and honestly I have done a horrible job at that, making No-Brainer and what not.

To be honest, making No-Brainer is just such a pain in the ass that i just don't enjoy it anymore. It has a kind of set thing that happens when making No-Brainer. Storyboard, Voices, Animate, take a month break, Animate, take another break, Decide cartoons fate, Either A: Make the rest of it and publish it, or B: Cancel it, leave it in purgatory. No-Brainer is something I'm kinda proud of, but not really. I could've done more with it, but I never felt like I wanted to. I never had the actual urge to make anything with him or the others.


Making games, probs no more No-Brainer. Sorry folks :U


Game Jam 8

2012-10-11 07:18:54 by No-Brainer

I'm in this. It's going to be rad.

But yeah seriously let's talk about this; I asked to join the Game Jam 8 and found myself a team almost instantly. I'm gonna be animating the thing (shocker) and pretty much just doing all the art. I'm very excited to be joining this. As most of you know, I've tried making games on my own, they have not turned out well. Hopefully with this Game Jam becomes a turning point, so maybe I can focus on Games if I like it that much.

I've wanted to make games for a long time, and hopefully with this I can make that happen on Friday through Sunday :)

ALSO: Realms is still going, you can read here at Aimless Adventures

Game Jam 8

Realms Updates - Go read it.

2012-09-24 21:44:35 by No-Brainer

I'm making REALMS currently. There will be no No-Brainers or Game Grump animations for quite sometime, unless I can squeeze it in to my schedule.

You can check out REALMS HERE!!!!

I hope you like REALMS. Oh, just for the sake of confusion, It starts as animated .gifs, then goes to normal images due to color issues. Also, there will be flash animations and games, so look forward to that.

PIC: Me working on the next update as of 9/24/12

Realms Updates - Go read it.


2012-09-22 18:03:47 by No-Brainer

Happy Madness Day 2012 everyone!


Donate to REALMS!

2012-09-12 21:15:54 by No-Brainer

You should donate to REALMS! It's a new comic/flash animation/flash game series that I'm trying to do right now!

Why should you donate?? Well, REALMS is going to be my next big project that I work on for(ever) a while. I'm also going to be doing side stories such as possible No-Brainer shorts, and even more Game Grumps animations. If you check out the Indiegogo, you'll see that there are "Marks" that I've included in order to make your interest in the Indiegogo even higher. The marks right now are basically bring another episode of the Game Grumps animation when we reach $200, and I finish the No-Brainer series at $600. See, you could be working up to these semi-goals, in order to overall reach our Ultimate-Goal.

I'd love it if you donated, because it's my dream to make something that stands out, and comics have always interested me. So with the power of my animation skills and somewhat comic style, I really hope to take you on an adventure with REALMS. Its going to be a blast, and I hope you like it.

Donate to REALMS!

In the midst of things..

2012-09-03 04:27:03 by No-Brainer

So I've been doing animations for about 2 years now, and have been trying to work up my style and method of animation, as well as my techniques to become an animator who can have some decent credit on the Internet. Recently I've made two animations and put them on YouTube and have gotten over 100,000 views on them combined. That's really saying something right now about where my animations should be going as of now. I am not saying I'm leaving Newgrounds at all, because I have some news for that which will let you all know i'm here to stay.

So that's the video which sparked my YouTube career. I know i'm riding the coattails of something successful, but it's really shown the people what I can do, and they've liked/loved it. This has made me want to grow my talent even more, but such a thought has boggled my mind now. To now work at something as if it were my job now is kind of mind-boggling, and puts me in a nervous state. I now have fans to appeal to, and if I don't make work worth watching to others, supposed to just me wanting to make something for myself, I will indeed lose the fans I've made. It's nice having fans, so I guess i've stepped foot into new territory were my ass is on the line if my content isn't "good enough." I'm already being compared to Egoraptor whether or not my content is better than his for Game Grumps, a new channel that him and JonTron have made recently. So far, lots of people like me, but from what I'm getting, most prefer Egoraptor, which is no surprise.

To know i'm being compared to such a talented person is such an honor. It does make me want to grow as an animator. But now i've recently been watching all these things dealing with Edmund McMillen (Guy who made Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac), and I've become so infatuated with the idea of being a game developer. This is the part where I explain my stay on Newgrounds. Newgrounds is the only place I know where I can get help from other users and submit Flash Games. I know theres other places, but I trust Newgrounds too much to turn my back on it. So yes, I'm going to try making a Flash Game or two, and they'll be as original as possible. I will not promise anything super original, but at least I can try to go for something playable and enjoyable. They'll be quite simple games, and shouldn't take long at all.

Now, all this wanting to improve my animation and wanting to be a gave developer must put me into a state of confusion, and it does. But I figure combining the two will form something great for me. Now another thing might come up to you as well. WHERE THE FUCK IS NO-BRAINER 5?? Sadly enough, sitting in my Flash Folder not being worked on. No-Brainer has just been so off my mind lately. I guess this must be the part i'm going through were some of my first projects just start to seem meaningless and un-interesting..not saying anything officially yet, but I think No-Brainer (The flash series itself) is dying. It just seems to me that those were starting grounds, to get some background knowledge of Flash, and try to do stuff with it. No-Brainer, being one of my characters put on the shelf after doing something with another project at age 13, I just decided to use him one day. Now it's 5 years later and I've grown accustomed to No-Brainer and the gang, but I just don't want to make a huge series out of him anymore. I would explain what's happening with him a bit more, but even I don't understand at the moment.

I'm sorry if this has been a long read, but I like to post these blogs to help me understand what's going on with my stuff, and to help you understand too.

To recap what you just read, I'm going to make some Flash Games (or try anyway), I may be sticking to YouTube to post my animations, and No-Brainer 5 may be the last No-Brainer episode ever. Oh, also the Xbox Indie Game was cancelled, DIDJA SEE THAT ONE COMING? I SURE AS HELL DID.

In the midst of things..