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Evercon is Coming!!

2012-12-21 01:33:30 by No-Brainer

Hey all!

So BIG UPDATE HERE! Evercon, a local convention here in Schofield, WI, is happening on January 11th - 12th, and i'm attending as a Special Guest. I'm somewhat known around here as the "animator dude" so yeah of course i'd be there. I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO COME IF YOU'RE AROUND THESE PARTS OF TOWN!!

I will be having my own table where I sell Signed Sketches for $5 and Posters for $7. I will also be having a Panel at 5:00pm on Saturday the 12th of January.


So NB5, yeah. I'll just basically sum that up for you. 7150 Frame (about). And it's almost 5 mintues long. Just hang in there, i'm rushing it now because it's just fucking taking forever now.

I WILL have to cut into NB5 Progress and start making something else for Evercon. That's all happening over everyones Winter Break. Wish me luck on that!!

Evercon is Coming!!


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2012-12-21 01:57:00

I'm so pumped for nb 5. Don't rush it though mate, quality over quantity is my opinion.

No-Brainer responds:

It's not really being rushed, but I guess I could say I'm working on it faster. I usually focus on quality, but i'm not really changing much and i'm skipping some of the un-important dialogue that's in the script.

BTW change of plans. No Special Movie for Evercon, but the PREMIERE of NB5 will be at Evercon before it is released on Newgrounds and YouTube.