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Evercon NB5 Premier!

2013-01-07 00:10:37 by No-Brainer

Everyone, I have great news.

No-Brainer Episode 5 will be premiering at Evercon '13. As this will be my first ever Convention as a special guest, I'm very nervous about showing off the cartoon. It WILL be done by 1/12/13, and then put up online the next day 1/13/13. It's going to be awesome, and I hope you enjoy the cartoon.

Once again, if you're in the area of Schofield, Wisconsin, I urge you to come and check out Evercon. It's pretty sweet, even if it is a school video game convention. I will be selling posters, stickers, and sketchs.

Evercon NB5 Premier!


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2013-01-07 00:30:58

I wish you luck!