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February Release

2013-02-05 01:55:20 by No-Brainer

Sorry that I've been quite over here. We're making the new No-Brainer short, but we've kinda had to put it off for a bit. It's for a good reason, and that's so I can just focus on school. Yeah, it's always school that seems to be the reason I can't animate anymore.

I'm really trying my hardest to get to the point in school where I don't really need to be super concerned about grades and what not. It's my Senior Year and Semester 2, so I need to be busting ass on whatever. I promise we'll have the cartoon sometime in February just like I said. Just don't worry, everything is under control, but please be understanding that we are still in High-School, and we have bigger responsibilities JUST THIS SECOND. We promise to make time for you and the animation very soon!

BTW: I'm saying we because i'm working with more people now to make the cartoons, and I feel it's appropriate to say so.

February Release


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2013-02-05 09:15:18

That's looking great! Glad to see another fellow highschool animator. Can't wait to see the short, take all the time you need, remember greatness can't be rushed.

No-Brainer responds:

Amen brother :)