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Missed Date, woops

2013-02-28 00:45:10 by No-Brainer

Hey there! I'm still alive in case you were wondering.

So yeah, been working on this cartoon, but not a lot as you can tell, otherwise it'd been done by now! School has gotten into it's 3 quarter now, and it's a new semester. I decided to turn myself around with homework and actually stay up to date. Going from C's and D's to A's and B's is pretty tough, but I managed.

Also in case you're wondering what the motivation was behind that, I was recently accepted into The Art Institutes of International Minneapolis. Hopefully there I will learn a lot about animation. Should be fun! Now I just need to graduate High-School and get the hell out of Wisconsin! I will miss the people here, but I got a bright future ahead of me!


I'm starting a new project RIGHT AWAY after the No-Brainer Short. I will be working on a Webcomic called WORLDBOUND. Yeah, it sounds like those projects REALMS and the other comic I did. But I feel like I can do this one if I keep focused. The Main goal of this project is to publish all the panels, free to view, on ComicFury for everyone to view! If people want to support me, I will be making books of the comic! All to be sold around $30 each. They're about 100-150 pages long with multiple panels on some pages, so it makes up. I hope you consider checking out the comic when it's being made :)

Well that's it for now. Still making the cartoon, but again, I'm horrible at setting dates for myself and actually being on time because of school. Hopefully in March it's done. I really don't see it taking longer than that.

Till next time guys!

Missed Date, woops


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