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2013-10-30 01:37:10 by No-Brainer

Hey there. Sooooo cartoons. Yeah, doesn't look good for me right now. I happen to be working with the worlds WORST schedule right now. If you guys really want to see more No-Brainer cartoons, I would highly recommend throwing me like 2-3 bucks.

I'm constantly working, and I never have time to myself anymore. If you guys want to see cartoons come out at all, I seriously need some support. I have been trying, and will still try to make cartoons, but I'm asking for you guys to help me out.

Patreon (for those of you who don't know) is basically a tip-jar. Throw 2-3 bucks to me, and when I make a cartoon, THEN you get charged. More is explained in the video. You can even get rewards for how much you pledge. There are also goals we can meet, which eventually lead up to me quitting my job to make cartoons full-time.

Hope you consider donating!



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