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No-Brainer's News

Posted by No-Brainer - December 27th, 2008

i got WoW and had to start over... the name now is Buttbuttyson. i took a screenshot of me killing the scarlet crusade and enjoying something i snagged from them.

Hey, give me some ideas for something to make! i'm fresh out!

just really bored

Posted by No-Brainer - December 26th, 2008

i would really love this to happen

comment and support me to make this happen!

making my dream a reality

Posted by No-Brainer - December 24th, 2008

I got the new computer (i'm using it to type this) and tablet! i don't have speakers though, going to get those tommorow. I'm going to be playing WoW for the rest of today as soon as it loads up.

But since i have a new computer, sadly i have to re-do everything.

and people...check out no-brainer christmas!

Posted by No-Brainer - December 19th, 2008

First, here is my next projects line-up.

DA2 1/2: 38%
No-Brainer 2: 0%

Yes, i'll make another No-Brainer since it came out with my best score so far.

Good news: My dad got me and my brothers a new computer with vista!

Bad news: My tablet was taken back to the store, but with some money i'll probably get, i'll get a tablet.

ALSO, i'm getting back on to WoW, the name's "gidmock."

see ya

good news, and bad news.

Posted by No-Brainer - December 16th, 2008

Well, with my strong appetite for a new thing to be put on, i give you, A No-Brainer Christmas!

The animations will get better as soon as i recieve my tablet!

In sad news, i'm delaying the games and anything else for a while to keep up in school.


A No-Brainer Christmas!

Posted by No-Brainer - December 12th, 2008

I'm still not giving up! here's some detail on were i'm at on the games:

Dot Advenutre 2 1/2: 41%
ButtButtySon World Protection: 56%

DA2 1/2 is going all right as far as coding and graphics goes. I might add enemys but who knows, then i have to add hittests and all this stuff that i have no clue about.

BBS WP goes o.k. I am running into coding troubles from time to time. Thank god for the AS Main forum.

just wanted to tell everyone how i'm doing right now! no pic

Posted by No-Brainer - December 7th, 2008

Be prepared to play "Dot Adventure 2 1/2"! this game is going to be a sequel to my hit game "Dot Adventure 2".

This game will feature:
health packs
kick-ass art
kick-ass music

This game might have enemys too but i don't know yet.

ButtButtySon: World Protection goes along smoothly but i haven't worked on it lately, i may need some help if i want this game to come out the way i wan it too or some things will be changed.

Here is a small picture of the pre-loader frame (pre-loader not included)

new minigame

Posted by No-Brainer - December 3rd, 2008

Yeah i've made lotsa progress on this game! if i can figure out all the actionscript and not ask for help. this game should be done within a month.

I am thinking of making a small game for you guys just to keep you guys occupied...but i don't think it will be anything new. Like maybe i'll make Dot Adventure 2 1/2

picture of the game's control room

Butt Butty Son : World Protection

Posted by No-Brainer - November 30th, 2008

my computer has been fixed to it's fullest! a new windows xp has been put on and this time it has media center on it! some things that are going to be fixed with it right now are:

#1: new modem needs to be installed.
#2: i gotta download a new movie maker.
#3: probably some new speakers because there not being detected.

some problems with the game because the filesize is outta control! the game is already over 9.0 MB! i know how to compress the thing but i don't know if i can make it without it going over 30.0MB!

Also, Clerks, you gotta watch it!

very awesome news!

Posted by No-Brainer - November 29th, 2008

so far everything is turning out just as i had planned it. the only problem I'm having is wondering if i'm gonna know all this actionscript or not...

i tore out a screenshot for you guys.

game going along very nicely!