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No-Brainer 5: Racing *COMING SOON AGAIN*

2012-11-15 02:45:54 by No-Brainer

Yeahh I know what you're thinking..

Ok so yeah i've decided to get back into animating. Games just weren't my thing, i've been interested in them, but I think I just realized over time that making games just wasn't me, it's not what I was meant to do. I've had a Sinus Infection for the past week, and have missed a lot of school, and I've had a lot of time to myself to draw and do other things, and during that time I took a brief moment to think to myself. I thought, "What happened to No-Brainer? Do I still have any fans who aren't just fans of the Game Grumps stuff on Youtube?" and sadly I said to myself: "I don't even know."

I watched my older cartoons, and kinda got motivated to re-amp my cartoons back up for work. So I did just that.

I also noticed an animator named Jae who is for some reason inspiring me to get back into the swing of things. I guess it's his whole thing of starting small then rising to the top. I have potential, people do keep telling me that, but I never take it seriously.

Hopefully, I can get NB5 out to you guys very soon. I won't bullshit you again.

No-Brainer 5: Racing *COMING SOON AGAIN*


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