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2013-06-26 04:47:17 by No-Brainer

Hey there. Sorry I haven't made a post in a while. I'm getting pretty set for college, while working on the brand-spankin' new NO-BRAINER EPISODE 6. This one is about Atlantis, and I hope it ships out as soon as possible.

Not much to talk about. I really keep my business and main stuff over on YouTube now. Like I said before, Newgrounds is kinda just not my place anymore. After 6 years and not accomplishing much, and having about 5 episodes out, you'd think I'd have some following. NEGATIVE. I will keep posting videos here, as well as over on YouTube.

Somethings you may have:

ICON SET #1 It has 7 No-Brainer icons, as well as 2 special ones.

Also a Wallpaper at the bottom. Enjoy.

EDIT: fuck the image uploader isn't working. It's in the Art Section, take a look.


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2013-06-28 14:36:00

You hope it SHIPS out as soon as possible? Well, I'll SEA you when you upload it, I guess.


No-Brainer responds:

oh dear lord