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Posted by No-Brainer - 1 month ago

Hey there!

Just throwing some links out there for you beautiful people! Would appreciate it if you followed me on other places as well!

Tumblr (new) - https://derrekbuerger.tumblr.com/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/derrek103

Facebook - https://facebook.com/witchhutstudio

Posted by No-Brainer - April 21st, 2018


Working on a LOT of new things. Vin has kinda been bumming me out. You ever have a project you work on, that takes forever? Then you just get sick of seeing it? Thats kinda how its been for me. I have to finish it so I can move on sometime..

Anyway, the new projects. I joined up with a BUNCH of collabs, Reanimates to be exact. I'm part of the Kirby Reanimate, Donkey Kong Country Reanimate, Super Mario RPG reanimate, and the Mario Hotel reanimate. These should be tons of fun and everyones submissions look amazing. I can't wait for you to see the final products. I finished the Kirby entry, now it's just the other 3.


I want to do more art, and animation, but it seems like most days I just don't get enough motivation to work on them. Hopeully my mood changes or something. I would love to keep working everyday. My full-time job has been giving me the full 40, and with the way things are working financially, it's hard to miss even one day. Most of my effort goes into the job. Sorry, i'm human, and can only do so much. Even on my days off it's just working on shit around the house that needs to get caught up. /rant

Sorry, sometimes a man just needs to vent. Hopefully I'll be back with another post about how amazingly close Vin is to completion!




Posted by No-Brainer - February 21st, 2018

It's been a long time I've been on newgrounds. I've started from humble beginnings, and things still seem pretty humble, but 100+ followers better. I'm very grateful for the platform newgrounds is, and truly hope it becomes it even better, and more recognized as an actual platform for content, rather than just something people get nostalgic over.

So in light of things, I redrew an old picture I drew long back around 2009 or 2010.



I'm working on Vin stuff, and hopefully more in the future. As I write this, working on a few commissions.

I'll hopefully have more to say later!

Posted by No-Brainer - November 7th, 2017

100 Fans! Thank you so much!

Posted by No-Brainer - October 16th, 2017



Posted by No-Brainer - October 8th, 2017


Posted by No-Brainer - August 28th, 2017

Hey all,

Recently just took a full-time job again so now I have even less time for cartoons. When Vin gets out there, hopefully more people will see this, but if you happen to see this and want to support more cartoons. Go to https://www.patreon.com/nobrainer to learn more on how you can help. You get cool benefits for helping too!


Posted by No-Brainer - August 2nd, 2017

Hey there all! Got a juicy update for ya!

What’s been happening lately?

We have a lot of stuff planned out for this year before it ends! It may not seem like much has happened, but there definitely has been a lot happening. I finished a Game Grump animation back in April or May, and it’s close to 10,000 views on its own, which I think is pretty good considering I didn’t advertise it at all, and it’s not an “official” grump animation, which is fine too. Vin started around April as well. The original release date has been scooped to a TBA kind of deal. So much work is going into this animation it’s a bit nuts. I really want you guys to get hyped, it’s gonna be good.


What else is going on besides the cartoon?

We’re also (hope I don’t jinx myself) making a game at the moment, starring your favorite witch Vin. Not much else I want to touch on myself, other than everything is being created by me. I have a very early prototype, but there are a few things I still need to make before I can really get the ball rolling on it. It’s going to be a short game, nothing major like an rpg (lol). That may come at a later time, but for now, just the one small game. I’m aiming to have something playable either before or during Evercon. Not much else I want to show other than this.



So that brings up Evercon. For those who don’t know, it’s an Anime Convention in central wisconsin, in Rothschild. It’s held in the first weekend of January. It’s always a ton of fun. They really expanded last year, and this year will be even better. If you are in the Midwestern area, I definitely recommend checking it out. They have game rooms, rpg rooms, artist alley, etc. Everythings there. We’re really decking out our booth this year, more original prints, more official looking signage, and BUSINESS CARDS. My Finace’ will also be selling custom plushes and crotchet dolls! Some NBC related, others OG.


So let’s kind of recap here -

Vin Cartoon is still in progress, TBA on release date.
Vin Game in progress, aiming for launch before or during Evercon (January)
Evercon is coming in January.

Hope you guys enjoyed the update. Stay tuned for more news. Be sure to check out my patreon if you guys wanna help out! It's all very much appreicated! http://patreon.com/nobrainer

Posted by No-Brainer - July 11th, 2017

Well my last post was a waste of effort.

Support me by donating to my patreon! I only have a $1 tier, it grants access to everything you could think of.


Love you guys





Posted by No-Brainer - June 29th, 2017


Hey there everyone, gonna post a lengthy topic here, and its a question we all ask ourselves when we wanna pursue animation as a career: is it worth going to an animation / art school? In short; no. But allow me to explain my history with them, and experience.

So first of all, lets talk about pros and cons, starting with pros.


Connections are everything in the animation industry, if you got some, great! You have a better shot in than most people! Growing your connections is important because the more people that know your name and work the more likely you are to score that next job


Most of these places have cintiqs, if not simple tablets to draw on. And all the programs you might be working with are there for you too.

Now on to cons..


Animation school will leave a BIG dent in your wallet, at least 50k for most places, and can even go to 100k. Be careful when considering school, especially if you dont have the money for it, and have to rely on loans. If you do go, do your very best, because its you who is going to pay for all this one day.


A lot of people i know were quitting school simply because they were taking classes that didnt apply to animation, and they felt mislead or like they weren't gaining anything out of it. It can be a bumpy start for school, but after your first year you began all the cool stuff. Keep that in mind.


Everyone expects to come out of art school being a better artist. It can happen, but most times, it doesnt. Its on you to be a better artist. If you barely pass your projects with D's, are you really trying? Would disney or nickelodeon accept that work? You say it doesnt matter right now, but your art is always a symbol of what you are capable of now. If you put out low quality stuff, you represent an artist who doesnt care, or just rushes, or still has a lot to learn, take your pick. Its not a real representation of who you are.


Some people really want to be artists and animators, game developers, coders, etc. But they dont have the drive for it. They burn out year 1 and drop out. Its a shame, but sometimes people just dry up easily. You have to have a real passion for this or you may not go anywhere with it. Continue to create everyday. If that seems like too much for you, this may not be your thing. Its ok to take breaks, just dont take too many.


This argument needs to be made sometimes because people dont understand you dont need college to learn these things. The internet can teach you animation, storyboarding, coding, anything. You can even learn a few things hear on newgrounds! If you look in the right places and continue to practice, you may just save $50,000 or more.


So theres my take on animation school. Is it worth it in my opinion? No. Should you still consider going? Its up to you. If you want to learn in a class room, get face to face critique on your work, then maybe it is. If you wanna save money and learn at home on your own time with basic equipment, then maybe it isnt. Either way, whatever path you take, its still entirely possible to work at your dream job. I hope this has helped you!